Micro House

Perfect for a Bunkie, hunt camp or simply additional living space for those extra weekend guests up at the cottage, Ecolog Micro HouseThe Micro House from Haliburton Forest is just 96 square feet so does not require a building permit. It incorporates a living/dining area, a framed-in shower stall, space for a kitchen and beneath its steeply-pitched 16/12 or 12/12 roof a sleeping loft. It is finished inside and out with attractive softwood T&G siding, and each kit includes a beautiful and hard-wearing hemlock floor.


Available as a kit, The Micro House can be supplemented with an optional heater and insulation, and electrical wiring can be installed by your licenced contractor if required. Roofs may be shingled or steel-clad (by owner) as required.


The kit includes a door, six windows and all material to complete The Micro House.


Note: While the Micro House, at 96 square feet does not require a building permit in most jurisdictions, clients are strongly advised to check their local municipal zoning and building bylaws for compliance before purchase.


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