Garden Shed Building Kit

The Garden Shed building kit from Haliburton Forest is available in three sizes:

  • 8’ x 8’
  • 8’ x 10’
  • 8’ x 12’

Similar in design to Ecolog Garden ShedThe Micro House, The Garden Shed echoes the rustic simplicity of our famous EcoLog hemlock log homes, yet is a simpler structure, which offers practicality and durability.


The Garden Shed kit can be ordered fully closed-in as standard, or with half the space open and half closed in.


Kits include all material, a door and two or four windows depending on size.


Note: While the Garden Shed, at or less than 96 square feet does not require a building permit in most jurisdictions, clients are strongly advised to check their local municipal zoning and building bylaws for compliance before purchase.


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