Micro House, Glamping Cabin

Perfect for a Bunkie, hunt camp or simply additional living space for those extra weekend guests up at the cottage,
the Micro House from EcoLog Concepts is just 96 square feet and does not require a building permit. This small cabin incorporates a living/dining area, a shower stall, space for a kitchen and beneath its steeply-pitched roof, a sleeping loft.


Similar in size, but a very different style, the Glamping cabin is also available as a complete do-it-yourself building kit.

Garden Sheds and Outdoor Storage Shelters

The Garden Shed and the Outdoor Storage Shelter are available in three sizes, 8’x8’, 8’x10’ and 8’x12’.


Similar in design to The Micro House, these buildings are simpler structures yet as always offer the practicality and durability that EcoLog Concepts is known for.